Germs on a Plane

Call me naive, but I was appalled that both the US and Liberia were considering filing criminal charges against Ebola patient, Thomas Eric Duncan, for lying on his airport health form. What would you have done? (What would Jesus do?) He knew that he had been exposed to the disease because he had assisted a pregnant relative to an Ebola clinic, and she was sent home because there was no room (at the inn?). This tells us a few things, one of which is that he was a good guy. Foolish? Maybe, but he did do a good deed, right?

So, you have your plane ticket to your new life, and you have just seen a deathly ill woman you’ve aided turned down from an Ebola hospital, you bet you’re going to hightail it outta there unless you’re friggin stupid. So, let’s cut Duncan some slack for acting like someone who wants to live. The question is, to what standard must we be held for protecting the lives of others? I don’t know. All I know is last May, the husband and I got on a plane in London that we had no business being on. We became the people you hate to travel with, the inconsiderate jerks who cough, sneeze and blow their honkers for eleven hours, spaying and spewing vermin all over the thinly covered pillows and clingy blankets. The people you want to throw off the plane, vote off the island, kick out of the club. The others.

Why did we do it? Expose people to our feverish flu? Money. That and comfort. In order to remain in London we would have to change our tickets, $400, and extend our stay for several days in our $400 a night hotel. Three nights would not have been enough, but for the sake of I don’t know what, lets call it $1200. Plus food and medicine (maybe even a doctor as I was running a fever and the husband sounded like he had the croup, or worse). Let’s call it a conservative $350. So, our grand total is almost a grand. haha So, let me ask you again, what would you do? I’ll tell you. Rush to the comfort of your own bed, doctor and dog. That’s what.

I’m ranting on about this but my comments aren’t nearly as entertaining as the comments on the DallasNews online.

Brian Lane:
 Some people is so ignorant. The person who shakes your hand on your job could br carrying a infectious disease . It could be a small cut on the the finger tip. The person cooking your food could sneeze on your food you never know.  Just be thankful it came out and he did go to the hospital rather than the grocery store.  Death is sad no matter how you die. Be thankful it’s not you or your family and pray for those who are suffering for something they can’t control  poor people never ask to be poor and sick people never ask to be sick . Instead of crictizing just be thankful it wasn’t you and pray for those who are less fortunate in the world. Jesus died for all our sins not just people who live in America 
O Z: 
Are we sure that the pregnant woman even existed?
 Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, which has a board of directors bought and paid for by the Oil Bidness, simply let Eric Duncan die to assure that its Conservative backers take over Congress in November and impeach Obama in January.
That’s just the benefit the Grate State of Texas bein’ Of Bidness, By Bidness, and For Bidness.
Better Dead Than Ted and Governor Oops! will do what their Petrol Paymasters tell ’em to do and once again ours will be a land of Freedum, Liburty, and Benghazi!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!
The next one is my fave.
Kevin Jones:
 Another post by the moron.  Did momma drop you on your head?