Body Art

The husband and I are stopped at a red light, and I glance over at the car next to us. A cool, black muscle car with 707 horsepower, roars with  fine tuned confidence. The drivers arm hangs out the window, and smoke from his cigarette curls up into the blue. And it’s no ordinary arm, which leads one to suppose this is no ordinary man.

tat arm

Wow. A dagger. Actually a piercing dagger dripping three drops of blood red blood. You can tell this dagger has been used because an inch of the tip glows with pink plasma. And he’s a romantic. Look at that rose. There’s also a ring on his third finger. A married romantic with “Dexter” tendencies?

I have friends who have tattoos or piercings, but nothing like this. At least not that one can see. I suppose they could be hiding some body decor. I love that idea. “Make love not war” scrolled on the right buttock of my friend, the fifth grade teacher. I did contemplate getting a tattoo, but I couldn’t decide what I wanted, where to put it and who to do it. (I’m a Libra.)

Today’s New York Times features an article, “Skin Deep,” that is all about extra piercings in the ear. Some style conscious ladies are wearing delicate gold bands in rows up the ears, or little rose gold loops in the nose. I found a YouTube video of a beautiful young woman having her septum pierced. I tried to watch it, but chickened out. It was her eyes that did it. She looked like the above hand was coming at her with the above dagger, and the theme from psycho was playing in her head. I’m not that brave. So, I wonder why I really like that dangling dagger arm…

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